Breeding of Lagottos is extremely near of our hearts as we have really fell in love with this lovely and very young breed. Our coals is to breed true Italian Lagottos with correct temperament, correct type and health. Each dog we use for breeding has been hip and eye check. We are also breeding English Springers and Cirneco Dell'Etnas.


We have been awarded of Finnish Kennel Vuolasvirta-award of succesfull breeding of English Springers 2011 and from Lagotto breeding 2012. We have bred over 50 champions, Lagottos and English Springers.


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Lagotto Romagnolo

- Tryffelikoira Romagnasta Italiasta

- Aktiivinen ja toiminnallinen koira

- Keskikokoinen

- Erittäin oppivainen

- Rakastaa uimista

- Turkki vaatii hoitoa

Cirneco Dell'Etna

- Metsästykoira Sisiliasta Italiasta

- Metsästyviettiä löytyy

- Vilkas ja vauhdikas koira

- Turkki helppohoitoinen




We have puppies regularly available. If you are interested in any of our breeds or dogs, don't hesitate to contact us!


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Foogel Lagottos


The very first Foogel Lagotto litter was born 2001. Since that we have bred or owned over 50 champions and our dogs have been doing great also in different activities. Specially Foogel Lagottos are very well known of their lovely characters!


Foogel Gallery